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Facebook Founder/CEO Doesn’t Believe in Privacy, And I Mostly Agree

by Robyn Tippins on April 28, 2010

Nick Bilton on Facebook Privacy

In this ‘off the record’, or ‘unattributed’, or whatever you want to call it, Tweet, Nick Bilton gets the nitty-gritty on how Zuckerberg feels about user privacy.  Now, to be fair, I’m sure he’s not totally against some user privacy, but it’s the internet people!  Other than your date-of-birth, emails, social security number, and your address/phone number, nothing you put on the internet really needs to be private.

Less private content means better archival options (I can link directly to what you said), transparency among identities, and less trollery.  Remember, anonymous comments are the bane of the internet, and in no way contribute to a discussion.  Making real people, with real identities, a possibility means we can really cut down on asshats and spam, and that’s what all this Identity 2.0 stuff is trying to do.

My two cents… Don’t expect anything on the net to be private. If you want to keep your opinions to yourself, don’t post them to Twitter or Facebook. If you feel the need to only share them with a handful of people, just group text them or email them. Otherwise, I see no problem w/Facebook, or any company, pushing the limits of so-called privacy on the net a bit. Remember, Blippy couldn’t even keep your Credit Cards safe (Techmeme), so you should assume that if your content is out there, it may one day see the light.