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Considering Giveaways as a Marketing Tool

by Martina Wormuth on March 13, 2012

I love free stuff. I bet you do too. Most people do. And what better way to get hits on your site than to give stuff away? I’m not saying make yourself broke, but giveaways, when done strategically, can provide you with a fun and interesting marketing opportunity that you may have never considered before!

What should you consider giving away? Here are a few ideas.

 Coupons. Everyone loves a good discount, and coupons make people more likely to buy your product and or service. So, offer a coupon when your customer and/or client base is ready to go searching for those deals.

Gift Certificates or cash. Don’t want to do a coupon? Then offer that discount right up front with a gift certificate. Want to really go out on a limb? Throw some cash out there! People will do almost anything for a few bucks. Also, don’t think it has to be a gift certificate for your site. Large department stores, gas cards, and other fun things can be included in here as well.

Items! Giveaway a copy of your newest book or the books that inspire you. Make a basket of the items you sell. Whatever it is you offer, hook your fans up with some swag for free.

Alright, so you figured out what you’re giving away. Here are a couple ways that you could offer those giveaways.

– Utilize that social media. Several of the websites I follow have random giveaways that they announce on their Twitter feed or Facebook. People check social media all of the time; consider giving a coupon for “liking” your page or for hash-tagging your company name or related phrase (#yourcompanyname) on a particular day.

– Send customers on a scavenger hunt. Got a comprehensive website? Use your social media to announce a scavenger hunt and put something random on a random webpage on your site. Make them dig for it!

These first two are usually best for coupons and/or gift certificates, because it allows several people to be able to receive them without a lot of frustration for those who find it but don’t win.

– Trivia’s fun too. Want to do something really out there?  Consider a trivia contest on your Facebook page or Twitter feed. It doesn’t even have to be related to anything important, it’s just fun to see what people know.  This suggestion is best used with cash and items, because you can “keep score” and it’s easier to claim a “winner” quickly. You can also offer coupons to those who participate as well.

The interactivity that the internet and social media provides should be both utilized and embraced when you’re considering giveaways on your website. There are particular guidelines that you need to follow when doing so, so please check with laws and guidelines before you do any sort of giveaway.

Have you ever considered doing a giveaway online, or have you done them? What creative things have you done in order to get people involved on your site? Whatever your thoughts are, share them in the comments, and have a great day!

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