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Social Media, Social Living Room

by Martina Wormuth on April 17, 2012

I enjoy reading about social media in all it’s forms. It’s really interesting to see what the whole thing has morphed into. Some of it causes a lot of problems; I work with teenagers, and cyber bullying has become a really big thing. But, there’s other parts that really pique my interest.

This article really stood out to me last week. My living room is rarely used. Not because it’s not nice, but merely because I live alone. Sometimes I’ll go in and sit on the couch. If I have company, we’ll hang out in there. Otherwise, I’m in my room or the kitchen, or outside because I love my huge yard.

The living room is to be a social place, so why not use social media there as well?

I’ve not gotten an iPad or any other sort of tablet… yet. It’s a big maybe on my Christmas list. Yes, I’m aware Christmas is 8 months away! So the thought of using a tablet as the controller for my Wii is a really neat idea to me. At my church, we use iPads to control our sound boards, so to use one for a game controller isn’t a huge stretch of the imagination.

Basically, from what I understand, Nintendo’s in the lead with this whole thing right now. Granted, Apple and Microsoft may be keeping quiet about exactly what they’re doing, but look at the neat stuff that Nintendo’s done. Like it says in the article, it’s an iPad with video game controls on the side. I assume that’s a touch screen? It looks like it.

So not only can you get your gaming fix, you can also go online, video chat, use social media and do a whole bunch of other neat stuff. Nintendo’s really got their work cut out for them; I’m a huge fan of Nintendo, so honestly, I’m cheering for them a bit.

Do you think this will get some more social gamers (the ones who play games on Facebook, etc) to start playing on consoles as well? I think it may, and it’s definitely appealing to members of the MMORPG crowd like myself. In my opinion, gaming is supposed to be social, you’re supposed to hang out with other people when you play games. They just aren’t as much fun when you’re alone.

Social media has already left a mark on the gaming world. Games like Words with Friends, Draw Something!, and Farmville have taken the world by storm. I have a dozen games of Words with Friends going right now. So, maybe it is time for the gaming world to start making their mark on social media. I can’t wait to see all the cool stuff that they come up with.

What do you think? Do you think crossing social media and more hardcore gaming is a good idea? Or will it just cause more issues and it’s just an endeavor that should be avoided? Leave some thoughts in the comments, have a great day, and we’ll see you back here on Thursday!

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