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Spotify and… Coca-Cola?

by Martina Wormuth on April 20, 2012

I’ve needed a lot of caffeine this week. I had class sessions for my online class this week, and I’m really exhausted. So, I’ve been pumping myself with Starbucks Frappucinos and soda. When my buddy and I went out to dinner last night, I got a cherry Coca-cola. I remember drinking caffeine free Diet Coke with my grandma.

And today, I heard that they were becoming a huge sponsor of Spotify. A world partnership, if you would.

It makes sense, really. Coca-Cola has been a big supporter of music in all it’s forms. From music in the schools to different artists to anything else music related, it’s almost natural for them to come alongside a really popular, young tech company and become a big advertiser for them.

And Coca-Cola will benefit from the partnership greatly. Advertising, partnering with a solid company is that is on the up-and-up and used by thousands of people a day? Sounds like Coca-Cola’s going to be reaping some awesome benefits, including being featured on a Spotify app on Facebook.

Spotify will greatly benefit as well. People know Coca-Cola around the world. For example, there’s a picture in our youth area that features members of a mission trip team that are on the stairs of a house in what I believe is Guatemala, and they’re drinking Coca-Cola. Spotify could totally take advantage of riding on the coattails of a company like Coca-Cola that is world-renowned for quality and assurance.

Best of all? Spotify will get featured on Coca-Cola’s Facebook page, which has tens of millions of followers. How’s that for publicity?

Partnerships like this happen for a variety of reasons. I’m going to look at three in particular.

Mutually beneficial. Like I explained above, these relationships occur because they are mutually beneficial. Both companies will profit from a relationship like this, especially if they make huge announcements like Spotify and Coca-Cola did. It will be amazing no matter how long they’re working together in such a way. Which leads me to my second point…

Potential for longevity. Coca-Cola has been around for over 100 years. That’s a really long time. Spotify is incredibly popular and used by millions of people. Everyone loves music and I highly doubt Spotify will disappear anytime soon. There’s a potential for a longtime relationship here.

Shared beliefs. Coca-Cola and Spotify believe that music and technology have a way of making the world smaller, so why wouldn’t they join forces that would help both of them in the long run? This is why places like churches and businesses join together in order to further their purposes. Shared beliefs make any campaign or mission that much stronger.

What do you think that this will do for Coca-Cola and Spotify? What other interesting partnerships have we seen in the digital age? Are there any partnerships that you think should occur in the future? Leave some thoughts in the comments, have a great weekend, and we’ll see you here next Tuesday.

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