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Social Media for Good!

by Martina Wormuth on May 3, 2012

People say that social media is rotting our kids’ brains, and I will agree with that to a point; a lot of the junk that I see the teens I work with dealing with is just that, junk. But social media can really be used for really good things.

As I’ve shared on here before, social media is one of my favorite things. I was in the first generation of Facebook users and I utilize it for a lot of good. I communicate with the teenagers I volunteer with on a regular basis, I

Now, admittedly, I was a little shocked when I was forwarded this article to look at. I… am not a fan of Walmart. I will only use it for getting an oil change or getting my tires changed, and that’s because they do a good job for a low price. But, for once, I’m impressed with them.

Basically, what Walmart did was partnered with some major food brands (Kraft Foods, ConAgra, General Mills, Kellogg’s, etc) ¬†to help food banks out during the spring time, which is when they struggle the most. Then, they encouraged people to go to their Facebook and vote for one of the 200 cities most hit by unemployment. The top community got $1 million to help with hunger. The next 20 got $50,000. I know that doesn’t sound like a ton, but really, to help people who are starving, any little bit helps.

The anti-hunger movement in the United States has been a big deal. The Biggest Loser partnered with Feeding America for their “Pound for Pound” challenge. Various stars have called for people to donate to food banks and help out where they can. Hunger is a real problem in the United States; I see it all the time because I volunteer in a downtown church. It is a scary thing to be hungry; I’ve heard people say that even if they’re poor, if they have food in their stomach, they can bear it.

Hunger is a scary thing, and to see a potentially influential major store like Walmart step it up and try to help out? That’s great! And the fact that they used social media to do it? Even better. Props to them, really. I mean it.

The best part? Some of the communities further utilized social media in order to help the efforts in their communities. In a line up of 200 communities, Youngstown, Ohio beat other communities out because of their large public relations and social media campaigns.

Honestly, this whole article fascinated me. To see that a community came together and used social media to help themselves out; to see a large company like Walmart join forces with food companies to fight hunger… it made me beam with pride. This kind of thing is what needs to happen to get us out of our economic slump: people and companies working together for the good of everyone.

What other good have you seen social media used for? Have you helped with any of these sorts of campaigns? What do you think about this¬†initiative? Share some thoughts in the comments, enjoy your day, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!