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Thoughts on Creating a Slide Show or Movie

by Martina Wormuth on May 10, 2012

So, these past two weeks I’ve been busy. First, because it was time for my final in my online class. Thankfully, that’s over and graded now, and I get a week break from classes before they start again. Second, because it’s the end of the “school year” for the youth ministry that I volunteer with, and, because I’m the “tech guru,” I got asked to make the end of year video/slideshow for our last meeting. That was last night.

So this past week I drove myself crazy trying to get stuff together. It took me about 6 hours of work to do a 5 minute movie. I said to one of my students, “Now I remember why it takes months and years to make a movie.” The editing process can be long and tedious.  I enjoyed it, but it definitely took a lot of time and energy to do. Here are a few tips I have for you in case you have to do a slide show or movie for any of your endeavors.

Plan it out. Figure out what you want your layout to be. Pick out the pictures, images, or video clips that you want to use in your presentation. Don’t just throw everything you have into a show. That looks sloppy and your presentation will probably end up a lot longer than you intended it to. Plan it out and it will end up looking a lot neater and more professional in the long run.

– If it requires music or speaking, figure out what you’re using before you start. In the same vein, make sure that any voice-overs or music that you are using are planned out ahead of time. I’ll admit, the last hour and a half of my project was divided between choosing music and making it work within the slide show. It was a bit of a pain, because I’d planned out everything but that beforehand.

Know your program. This is likely part of the reason that it took me so long as well. For the past couple years, all I had access to was Movie Maker. This year, we got a Mac… and I suddenly had access to iMovie. Now, I have used iMovie before, both in graduate school and undergraduate. But the program is very different now (since they put out a new one every couple years), so I fumbled through it a bit. Once I got the hang of it (hour 2 or 3), it was a piece of cake. I just had to get the hang of it first.

Make it entertaining. No one wants to sit through a dull presentation. Don’t overdo it, but putting a funny picture or comic into a presentation is totally appropriate in many situations, unless you’re going for full-out professional (like making a proposal or looking for a grant).

What other tips do you have? Have you ever had to make a movie or slide show at the last minute? What frustrates you about making these sorts of projects? What do you enjoy? Leave some thoughts in the comments, have a great day, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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