Google Adsense and Adbrite

You won’t make money on your site without traffic. That seems obvious, but what’s not always so obvious is where to get the traffic. One way is to advertise.

When you are looking to send traffic to your site, you can choose from:

Google Adwords
These can be rather expensive, depending on your keyword. But, they really drive you traffic.

I really like this because you can choose which site you want to advertise on, and if they are an adbrite subscriber (I am, and most are) you can advertise on their site. By doing this you can really target who comes to your site and you can get your advertising for cheaper.

Here’s what I mean; with Google you pay by the cost of the keyword and you get put on whatever site their computer thinks will work best with your keyword. It’s definitely easier for you, but is it better? And, depending on your keywork, Adwords can be pretty expensive. Remember, Adsense makes good money for publishers and it does drive some serious traffic. If you have the money this is a great option.

But, some of us are on a limited advertising budget. We can spend the time looking for appropriate sites and deciding on our own advertising strategy. If this is the case for you, Adbrite may be your answer. You don’t pay by keywords, but by the site.

So, if I want to advertise to businesses in general, Adwords will charge me a fee (based on the keywords I choose) per click on google’s adsense. In contrast, if I want to advertise on a certain site, Adbrite will charge me a fee (based on the price the publisher charges, usually depending on the traffic the site gets) per click on your ad.

So, while both systems are similar, they serve different purposes.

**Correction: Google and Adbrite both offer site targeted ads. Not sure if Adbrite offers keywords.


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