Podcast with Darren Rowse of Problogger.net

Edited to include the podcast link that is correct and does NOT include our off the record chatter. *sorry Darren*

I was honored to have as my latest guest, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net. If you are not familiar with Darren’s blog, I encourage you to take a look at the wealth of information on professional blogging maintained therein.

Darren has been earning a large sum from Adsense each month for quite some time now, and is able to blog full time very successfully. He blogs at several different blogs, and Problogger is not his most profitable site, however, it is the one most of us know him by as we all soak up his wisdom on a daily business. If I could only subscribe to one blog, I can assure you that Darren’s blog would be it. (and that comes from one who now has 300 feeds in her blog reader).

Anyway, I have bragged on Darren enough now 😉

I hope you’ll listen, if nothing else to find out what Darren has found to be his favorite monetization methods and to discover how he got started.

Darren Rowse, Problogger.net, Podcast

5 Replies to “Podcast with Darren Rowse of Problogger.net”

  1. Genius! Robyn, I can’t wait to pop this one in my virtual record player. (Okay, that didn’t make sense.) Can’t wait to listen to it. Darren Rowse is the king of the blogging tips hill.

  2. Just curious, but why didn’t you make “ProBlogger.net” a link? If you like Darren so much, you could at least give him a little link-love!

    I noticed you do this quite a bit – you’ve recently written about Google Calendar, MySpace, Technorati, Free 411, Maine Office of Tourism, etc, but you don’t link to any of them in those posts. Blogging is about linking, and I think you’d do your readers a service if you could help them find the things you’re talking about.

  3. As far as the link to Problogger, I totally forgot. I’d not slight Darren on purpose, you can be sure. Thanks for the reminded (edited to add link)

    For the others, I don’t link (purposely) to large sites like that if the url is obvious or if I’ve spelled out the link (as in google calendar’s case) because I don’t really see the need to do so. Google, MySpace, Technorati, etc. do not need my link love nor do people need directions to their sites. I didn’t know the URL to Maine Tourism or to Free 411 or I’d have linked to them. I’m a big believer in linking to people, because I so very much appreciate their linking to mine.

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