Trivial News and History

A weekly compilation of geek news, gaming, trivia, history and future prediction as it relates to the internet and online advertising/PR. The first person to get all 10 correct will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Fill In The Blank
1. Yahoo!’s Advertising Network was announced as the replacement for Google’s Adsense on what large e commerce site this week?

2. According to a front page entry on a popular social bookmarking site, who was announced to have purchased an XBox 360 this week, to much surprise?

3. Which popular movie was recently featured on YouTube with a high quality, but faux sequel, made up of nothing but bits of the actor’s previous movie.

4. What company is teaming with Apple to release an item that you wear on your body that will help choreograph the music on your Nano to match your movement?

Multiple Choice

5. Which once IBM-only laptop maker now sells their own branded laptops (news announced last week)?

Lenovo, Articsa, Lorishiba


6. Tim O’Reilly has not only trademarked the term Web 2.0 but has also sued the organizers of an Irish non-profit for using the term.

7. NBC News is now for sale in iTunes.

8. Trackbacks, due to spam comment overuse, are being abandoned by SixApart on TypePad and MovableType, beginning in July 2006. LiveJournal will retain it’s use indefinitely.
9. AOL is launching a music service, partnering with Google, similar to iTunes, but supported by advertising imbedded in the downloads. Will not be ready for quite some time.

10. Fresh from financing the spelling bee movie, Starbucks is hyping a talent search for smart teens that hope to break into the acting business. They are promoting this venture on MySpace using video ads that seem to steam like a cup of hot coffee.

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