Why Murdoch Really Bought MySpace?

Om Malik’s Broadband Blog ? Why Murdoch Really Bought MySpace?: “In addition to live concerts, MySpace is an ideal platform to release music videos (which the major record labels are desperately trying to monetize), as well as other short-form reality programming (think Fox’s “American Idol”) that’s likely to attract the 22 million youngsters in the MySpace community… an audience that happens to also watch MTV.”

What do you think about this? Can you really see MySpace eventually becoming a true rival of MTV? I mean, seeing the success of FOX and FOXNews, my bets are on Murdoch.

It definitely makes alot of sense to me. Of course, I equate the marketing genius of Murdoch with Gates so I’m not surprised. I was waiting to see why he bought MySpace, and this really could be it. Interesting.


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