MyCityRocks on AD:Tech Podcast

I wanted to give you a heads up that the next AD:Tech Podcast will feature Dr. Cliff Kurtzman from MyCityRocks, among other movers and shakers.

“ad:tech Connect” brings global ad:tech audiences together, keeping them connected in between local, national and international conferences; “ad:tech Connect” normally broadcasts every Thursday at 12:00 noon, EST. Broadcast coverage of the ad:tech San Francisco conference is currently in rotation on WebmasterRadio.FM. All WebmasterRadio.FM shows are available in podcast, mobilecast and archived format at www.WebmasterRadio.FM, ensuring the availability of the expert opinions of industry insiders on a consistent basis. The extensive list of featured guests for the “ad:tech Connect” Wrap Up special includes Toby Gabriner, Chief Executive Officer of [x+1; Michael Shehan, Booyah Networks Founder, President and CEO; Keith McAllister, CEO of Mochila; Jeffrey K. Hirsch, ValueClick, Inc. Senior Vice President of Business Development; Dakota Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer of BlueLithium; Bill Urschel, ExperClick Founder; Bill Frister, Pheedo Founder & VP of Marketing; and Dr. Cliff Kurtzman, PhD, MyCityRocks Executive Director.

MyCityRocks is one of those rare Web 2.0 companies that have actually ramped up their offline promotion to such a degree that their website is less important than their offline stuff. In fact, MyCityRocks promotes on places like MySpace and the like, really touching the teen community. If you could see the pics that Cliff sent me earlier this year, those kids are having a blast and virtually every event is designed to give back to the community in which it’s held.
MyCityRocks could certainly be a social networking powerhouse as it grows, and their current expansion is seeing them perform well in this market already. Take a look at MyCityRocks’ website ( and listen to the podcast (probably archived here) to learn more about them. I also interviewed Cliff here.

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