Onsite Search

Learning what your customers want using on site search

I came across this article today and it reminded me of the free gift your users are giving you when they search on your site. They are telling you exactly what they are looking for on your site:

Analysis of 34 million site search queries on more than 40 web sites using WebSideStory Search or HBX analytics suggests that marketers would be well advised to focus optimization efforts on the most popular queries versus a broader range of queries. The findings showed that a concentrated 4% of all the unique site search terms captured accounted for about 50% of all the searches conducted on a site. It was an even narrower band for e-commerce sites. The figure dropped to just 2% of unique terms representing half of all queries on e-commerce sites, which accounted for 15 of the 42 web sites studied.

Take a look at the article and note the conversion rates of users who utilize on site search.

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