HP’s Telecommuting, Corporate Marketing Relevancy and Identity 2.0

Podcast Roundtable

Participants Martin McKeay, Dan Sweet, Jeremiah Owyang, Dennis McDonald and me

Summary: HP demands workers on site –smart or stupid? Are corporate marketer’s going extinct? and exactly how many logins and IDs do we need to use the web –is there a solution?

In this episode, (one of our best ever) we’ve tackled issues on the new policy that HP has demanded on reduced Telecommuting. Is this an effective way for employees to work? or does the office 2.0 empower and enable workers to connect online and by using collaborative technologies?

With the ability for customers and prospects to connect and build networks and communities, are Corporate Marketing Departments, even relevent? If possible, what can corporate marketing departents do to stay relevent? We explore this issue from multiple sides and issues –dial in to hear.
Too many gateways mean we all end up with far too much information to keep up with. When a beta tester and geek like Ismael Ghalimi ends up getting frustrated, then you know it’s time for Identity 2.0. Rather than having to keep up with 30+ passwords/logins and having to worry about APIs and the technical specifics of multiple platforms, Identity 2.0 would streamline all of this into one gateway that shared your data with the applications you allowed.

Martin seems to think we are up to 10 years off from this. The discussion goes from why Passport didn’t work (um… it was from Microsoft) to the possibilities of a web without walls. Dennis asked if there were enterprise implications here. All in all it was a fascinating discussion of a fairly complex subject. We’ll devote a future full podcst to the topic. Check out OSCON’s Identity 2.0 online resource.

Podcast Roundtable Episode for June

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