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  1. Robyn, I suggest you think through just why someone might want to come to your site: I’m pretty confident that it isn’t to click ten different links to read one post.

    Why do people read posts like this? I’d say your format makes several tasks impossible, for instance: If someone wanted to print the list as a reminder, they’d have to print ten different pages.

    If someone wants to compare a couple of steps side by side, you’d better hope that they are good at web navigation and resizing and moving browser windows!

    Want to read each step? This site loads a new page for each one. That’s a violation of web standards, btw, to open a new page when readers click a link; novice web readers get terribly lost when sites do this, as shown by many user studies. Web standards don’t just exist because they’re nice, but for good reasons.

    In this instance, an interested reader would have to load at least NINE different pages, each in a new window, for one small article. Which leaves me wondering how hungry you are for page visits.

    It doesn’t even matter if the content is useful, because I felt so offended, as a reader, by this waste of time and added clicks, that I’m driven away without reading.

  2. Mr annoymous, I appreciate your tips. I’d have been glad to make them more reader friendly, but as they were originally written for a client’s site, I have little choice as to how I present them here. They were written one post a day for 10 days… I guess I could have made a compilation post here, but to create a new post out of old material seemed wrong somehow.

    Oh, and can you tell me where the ‘web standards laws’ are so I can be sure I am complying with these arbitrary rules? I can understand some need for standards, but if I remember correctly, standards are guidelines and not something you can violate…

    Tell you what, since we’re talking about offense, you can take my advice as well. People are more likely to listen to what you say and weigh your comments with an open mind when they are not hidden behind an anonymous monicker. I think that might be a violation of web standards too?

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  4. “violation of web standards”..chuckle…

    No such beastie. There is an HTML standard, but no ‘web’ standard.

    Anonymous commenters always make me laugh.

  5. I would love to read the 100 Business Podcasting ideas, but it appears your clients website is down.

    Any chance of getting them here or elsewhere?

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