Getting real about wikimania

Great WIKI article. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it explained better.

Getting real about wikimania | Newsmakers | CNET

This fellow, Joe Kraus was a founder of Excite, one of the early and HOT search engines, back when Yahoo was king. He know runs JotSpot and talks about how we can make money from WIKIs.

I have a suggestion for getting your links out there. Go to eHow and post a wiki on something you are an expert on. You will build your ‘street cred’ and it gives you a free, targeted advertising spot. Remember, though wikis are written by the user, they are also edited by other users and a blatant ad will be deleted by the next user who sees it. Be smart. Be subtle.

When I wrote a wiki a few months ago for RSS feeds and aggregators, I used my flagship blog, (gaming and technology) as the example in the directions for downloading feeds.

Find a wiki site in your field by using the google search bar above or go to eHow. You know stuff others don’t. Share the wealth.


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