Popular RSS to Email Newletter Site/App, Zookoda, For Sale

Zookoda is for sale. Their reasons are that they are a 2 person company with limited resources and they feel they’ve taken it as far as they can. And an admirable job it has been thus far:

Zookoda has been a great success since its launch on 13th March 2006. Over 5200 blog publishers have adopted Zookoda as their blog marketing tool of choice with a total circulation in excess of 1.2 million. www.zookoda.com is ranked in the Top 1% of URLs across the net (according to www.alexa.com) and has a rolling 3 month average ranking of around 15,000. According to www.technorati.com there have been over 700 articles written about Zookoda.

It appears to be an ideal acquisition for Yahoo, but they seem to be busy with their FaceBook convo. I can’t see Microsoft interested, but Google may want an addition to Blogger that would offer them even more real estate for Adsense (not putting that down, just commenting that it’d be a smart move). For any blog platform, this would be a great addition.

A smart VC could also do a great deal with this established app. I know I’d pay $5 a month to handle my few hundred subscribers. A subscription model would scale well. Or, how about a newsletter directory w/advertising on board? It could be the go-to place for deals newsletters, blog newsletters, parenting newsletters, etc. There’s so much you could do with this thing…
Check out more details here. (via)

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