YouTube and Google

The big news right now is that YouTube might be in buyout talks with Google for $1.6B. We first saw some inklings of this in the form of a hint via Arrington’s blog.

As a YouTube user I am excited about this potential venture for several reasons.
1. Someone’s Got To Buy It
We can look at their bandwidth estimation (reportedly between 25 and 200 TB/over $1M per month) and see that they can’t continue for long with the minimal VC they’ve scored. They have to be bought, and bought soon.

2. Google Sees Their Vision
While I hesitate to say Google Gets It (overused phrase), I can’t help but think their synergies are properly aligned. Google was willing to go years w/o profitability in order to make great search a priority. Now they are immensely profitable.

3. Share and Share Alike
Google, like YouTube, often errs on the side of the viewer, rather than the copyright holder. There is a match there with YouTube as well. However, with both services, at any time, you can pack up your toys and go home. You can use robots.txt to say that you don’t want your site indexed in Google and you can delete your videos from YouTube and the user license is no longer valid.

The price doesn’t seem all that steep to me either. If it really does go for $1.6B, I think that’s probably pretty fair to all involved.
One question though, what will become of Google Video?

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  1. I missed that one.

    I am a bit concerned about Google being everywhere, they are a wondeful company in my experience. However, I wonder where they see their limites when it comes to expansion. Are they willing to go into any industry. Will we being soon see Google Airways LOL

    Youtube rocks however, and if a company was to take it over Google does seem like the best candidate.

  2. I know, the whole ‘big brother’ thing scares us all. But, if you have to have a big brother, and I’m kinda convinced that you do, at least it’s ‘do no harm’ Google, huh?

    Google Airways… I hope I get a hammock like Larry has on his jet. Or is it Sergey? I never can remember 😉

    I am a big YouTube fan. My stuff is

  3. I have come across this site and have heard it will become the next best thing in social networks and place to meet friends and so much more, much more than all the other people like Myspace and Bebo for example….

    How much do you think Google would buy them for if they considered,,,, they should get in now why they can because i can see being the next biggest thing on the net.

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