Officeless Workers and How I Blog

An estimated 30 million Americans, or roughly one-fifth of the nation’s workforce, are part of the so-called Kinko’s generation, employees who spend significant hours each month working outside of a traditional office.


I do this daily, working at a coffee shop so I can stay focused on writing. As you know, it’s the one thing that you *can* skip, so if you don’t make time for it, you’ll likely put it off til’ tomorrow.

I have found that I can be completely done with all my blogs from 8-12:30. Now, I write on 6 blogs daily, 2-4 of which require multiple daily posts (depending on news). Once I pickup the kiddies at 1pm, I kinda veg with the laptop just reading mail, taking part in blogosphere convo and posting here and there.

You can see my blogging schedule here (older blogging schedule here). I also just took on a secret assignment (will fill you in when I am allowed to do so) with a video game/marketing PR firm that will take up the latter quarter of my day for a few months. The Tippins household is making arrangements for mommy to work alot more than normal during these times. Thankfully, it’s a seasonal assignment, and life can get back to ‘focus on my family’ mode again in early 2007.

Oops, off on a tangent. My main question here is, “How do you write?” Are you in an office, in your home, on the go or in a cafe? Inquiring minds want to know…

Oh, and put it in the comments instead of emailing me. I love the email, but everyone else wants to know too!

4 Replies to “Officeless Workers and How I Blog”

  1. At home sitting in my PJ’s naturally 😉

    Actually I’m usually in sweats and a t-shirt, but don’t let the ladies find out or I’ll lose my readership!

  2. I work from my home office. My day runs something like this: 6:30-7:30 – coffee and browse around the net. 7:30-8:30 – get kids 1 & 2 on the bus while kid 3 lounges. 8:30-12:30 – work on web design, maintenance and blogging. 12:30-1:30 – get kid 3 to school. 1:30-2:30 – my time to walk, shop or chill. 2:30-3:30 – back to office, check email, make a comment or two. 3:30-8:30 – activities/kid time. 8:30-9:30 get kids to bed. 9:30 – 11:30 work or watch TV. There you have it – more info than you wanted.

  3. Ah Digger, the quintessential Adsense millionaire 😉

    Char, my schedule this year is somewhat like yours. I have to get kids to school between 7:30-8:15, then I blog at the cafe til 12:30 when it’s time to get kid1 and kid2. Kid3 and kid4 have to picked up around 3. Then, chaos ensues til 8pm. rofl

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