Smarmy Advertising

As a self-proclaimed advertising guru (LOL), I actually enjoy looking at all the different ad mediums there are for content sites. However, one I have avoided touching on until today is PayPerPost.

PayPerPost generates a passionate response from everyone, from enthusiastic users to annoyed detractors. I tend to fall into “I think it’s more useless blog spam” category myself. While I can see the need for well-written and insightful commentary (hopefully praise) about your product from the blogosphere, I can’t see how you’re being objective, as a blogger, with a check from the advertiser in your hand as you shill for their product.

Am I wrong here?

What really concerns me is that it seduces some darn-fine newbie bloggers into a path they’ll be sorry they took. Where is your respectability when you can be purchased for $5 per lie?

PayPerPost has no place on a respectable blog.

That said, it also gives all advertisers involved a shoddy name. I mean, once the whole ‘transparent’ idea of the blogosphere catches on (and there will be a point when bloggers are considered REAL journalists, or at least columnists) these advertisers will regret having been in bed with the people who sell their soul for a buck.

If you are doing PayPerPost, please don’t think I am calling you out. I’m not. I’m calling them out! When your blog is making next to nothing (YES I REMEMBER THOSE DAYS), $5 per post looks infinitely appealing. But, if you have any hopes of ever moving beyond that, into blogosphere respectability, then you have to be able to justify your writing (and $5 is no justification).

You know where I can see PayPerPost belonging? If you are running a site where you are just looking to gain adsense or affiliate sells, I suppose you could say putting posts that you write for $5 each on there to give yourself some original content is a good idea. That doesn’t mean it’s respectable, but it will earn you money, I guess. How far are you willing to go to make money online?

By the way, PayPerPost recently got funding, info here. It was started by the folks at MindComet, an advertising company that recently became ridiculed online for selling their Top 100 Digg User Account via Ebay and for PR spam of their viral campaigns as recently as Sept 2006.

I’m sorry for taking this long to post on this, I really thought it would die on it’s own…

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  1. Couldn’t say better myself! The power of blogging community is its independence.

    I think PayPerPost will find its narrow niche in the business of launching new web sites, similar to prweb.

    What I think they must do is remove positive/negative feedback requirement. This is just ridiculous.

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