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moo and skype

I caught some serious grief from my online friends for not being more vocal about the last Moo giveaway, since I took part. I wrote about it on SocialRiots and on InsideMotherhood, but apparently that wasn’t enough. So, I want to give you a heads up here.

Moo is giving away another 10 cards, but unlike last time when the promotion highlighted Flickr, this time it’s highlighting Skype.

For all the early-adopters out there, if you get in quick you can get yourself a set of 10 Skype MiniCards TOTALLY FREE, wherever you live in the world. We’re giving away 10,000 FREE sets of Skype MiniCards, all you need is the promo code, which is “freebie”- Shhhh! Don’t tell the luddites.

Act fast, this only works for the first 10K people to respond. You’ll love these quality cards. My Flickr ones were thick and sturdy and really impressed those that I gave them to. If you don’t yet have Skype (where have you been?), you can download it here
(aff link). Enjoy! Hat tip to Problogger.

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