Vista Sound Problems

I’m running Vista RC1 and I love it. I have a 64bit processor and running Vista actually seems faster than when I was running Media Center. Some have said it’s because I was running emulators to make 32bit Media Center run on this machine.

Who knows? Anyway, I am loving the OS, very clean and very fast and I dig the sidebar widgets. However, I’ve had a heck of a time finding a driver that will run on my Gateway Laptop. The closest I’ve come is following these directions on a Vista x64 forum:

I just got my audio to work- I first downloaded the Realtek generic ac97 driver and it still didn’t work, but under the sound, video and game controllers in the device manager Realtek AC97 appeared, with an indication that the drivers were not installed. I then downloaded this: and updated the driver using device manager, and voila! my sound worked. If you have any questions post them.

I can actually see the audio on the mixer but I can’t hear it. Any suggestions (besides ditching Vista)?

Vista sound error gateway laptop

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  1. I have completely figured this one out, and since I’m getting a ridiculous amount of traffic on this post, I’m guessing alot of you are alos having this problem.

    Once you have updated to a generic sound driver, you have to boot up, then put the machine to sleep, then power it back up. Sounds crazy, but it works. The Toontown thing worked for me because we were only running games after I was booting the machine back up.

    Good luck!

  2. OK I sure hope you can help. So I just bought a brand new laptop with Vista on it. The volume worked fine when I first started using it but now it’s wack. So I can hear the instramentals fine but the vocals are all garbaled. I looked up all the volume controlls and settings and non of the setting adjustments worked. So mabe it’s a driver issue. I just don’t want to down load a driver that is not needed. If you can e-mail me that would be great.


  3. the proble your having is due to a conflict in vista
    its picking up the digital input instead of your sound card, you need to disable the digital source and your sound should come back online

  4. Microsoft customer service offered no help,except buy new laptop or other components comparable with vista. Now going to try and return vista and write to the better business bureau or any one else to tell people not to purchase such an inferior product.

  5. I have a dell E520 vista home premium,purchased feb.2007. everything worked great untill about a month ago. first my audio bible quit talking and in the control panel under audio you could change the musical wav computer sounds to a spoken wav sound. Now,only the musical sound works. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Audio bible and the true speech codec ( no change )What else can I do? these seem to be the only change It sounds like something is corrupted. thanks in advance for any help–gene shaneyfelt

  6. I, too, have had audio problems with Vista on my Gateway desktop. I read a ‘fix’ on another site
    that usually works for me. Put your computer into
    the sleep mode and then wake it up…that works for
    me usually on the first try. If it has been sleeping for a while you might have to start it then put it right back to sleep and wake it up again. Sucks, but it usually works. Good luck!

  7. Hi all,im having problem with out putting sound to an external amp, when the power lead is inserted to the laptop, i get a high pitched whining sound along with the music,everything works ok without power lead pluged in. My question is, does anyone know of any type of filter to solve this problem. Many thanx in advance, regards Stevie.

  8. Disabling digital out solved my problem

    In my case, I could see the speakers equalizer going up and down but there was no sound coming out. So i looked around (took me a while) and figured out that in deed i had the digital out enable on my sound card which is an in build realtek sound card.

    This is how to disable it, right click on the volume icon sitting on your taskbar, choose sound. On the tab options, click on playback there you will see all the list of your audio drivers that are installed. (You can install additional audio drivers if u have one via control panel->device manager/view hardware devices). Right click on the one that says realtek digital output and choose disable.
    That should do the trick.

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