JotSpot Affiliate Program Closing – Without PayPal You Don’t Get Paid

PayPalSucks.comIt was very frustrating for me to learn that the JotSpot affiliate program was closing. As a social networking geek, as you can imagine the JotSpot wiki was something I enjoyed helping others find out about. Of course, I have a balance at Jot and since they are closing the affiliate program, I attempted to cash out, but they won’t cut me a check or pay me by any means except PayPal.

I emailed and got two responses from Ryan Pollack. Both were clear that there was no discussion on this. It was PayPal or the highway.

I even asked if they would consider Google Checkout and they wouldn’t. Pretty ironic that Google’s latest purchase refuses to use Google Checkout. What does that say?

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  1. When I signed up I could take PayPal. That was before, like thousands of others, PayPal closed my account.

    My husband sells on eBay. Last Christmas, out of a shipment of more than a dozen packages, 3 boxes were lost. The customers (who did not pay for the recommended insurance) filed a claim and PayPal charged back the items after 7 days. He did not even realize there was a problem until it was too late (how many ‘your PayPal account has been locked’ emails do you get a day?)

    These chargebacks overdrew the acct by hundreds of dollars. When he refused to pay it, they locked my account, our church’s account and one of my client’s accounts because we shared common indicators (same free email domain; common payees; common contact number). I was able to convince them to unlock the client’s account, but the other accounts remain locked. PayPal retains the money that was in my account to date.

    I have no recourse in this matter. There are several sites that cater to the thousands of people in my situation. Even Drew at Fark had something similar happen to him last year.

    So, you see why I cannot receive funds by PayPal, but I don’t understand why you can’t pay via Google Checkout.

  2. Wow, that’s some nice customer relations they’ve got there.

    Maybe you can contact Google and complain hehe. Put some pressure on these “execs” at JotSpot.

    Word gets around quick on the net.

  3. Although I am torn on this issue. They did state only PayPal, but you think they’d maybe make a few exceptions for extreme cases. Cut the woman a check already and avoid this issue. It’s the right thing to do.

    It’ll take you a whole 5 minutes to get approval, zero her account and a .39 cent stamp. Sometimes I wonder about the thought processes of these companies.

  4. I’m with you on the customer service thingy. How does this post and the response make JotSpot (a company I told everyone about) look? Just goes right back to the, “Do we want to use the internet and blogs to impress people? or Do we really care all that much anyway?”

    Good customer service goes above and beyond… And, that’s how you get those testimonial thingies for your website. 😉

  5. He coulda probably got you a check cut and mailed it to you in the time it took him to find your post and make a comment.

    And after he had done that he woulda found a post along the lines of “Jotspot has great customer service they went out of their way to help me” instead.

  6. Robyn, has this been resolved? Not that I am going to have business with them, just want to know what to write next time I happen to blog about Google/JotSpot…

  7. I don’t believe Ryan’s post. An impersonation surely. I used to be a public servant and it was not until I left and joined the private sector that I realised how really bureaucratic and blinkered the behaviour of some people in the private sector can be – makes some of my old public service cronies look positively expansive in their ability and determination to find solutions. It’s called “blame the customer” Ryan – not a good look, mate.

  8. Des, not an impersonation. I have since talked with Ryan. Those are certainly his words.

    Yan, I spoke with a friend who has a PayPal account and JotSpot is paying him my money. Had I not found a friend that would do this for me, I’d not have my money.

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