Tagged For A Photo Op

I was tagged earlier today, so here you go. Here’s my immediate pic (that’s part of the rules, an immediate picture) and my tagged people follows the pic. 🙂

By the way, I look this way because it’s been a long day and I am beat. However, I am looking forward to gaming this weekend so I’m happy. 🙂

a quick pic of me

I’m tagging:

Justin, Wendy, Brianne, Char and Karen

Here are the rules:
Take a photo of yourself… RIGHT NOW… and post it on your blog. Then invite/tag (ping) the next 4 bloggers that you want to see “as is” ;)Then tell us WHY you look that way (in your photo), and say something about the person that ‘tagged’ you with this Meme!

9 Replies to “Tagged For A Photo Op”

  1. Okay Robyn, I’ll play but only if I get to bend the rules a bit! I just rolled out of bed and it is not a pretty picture. You’ll either have to wait until I get out of the shower or let me use a previously taken picture.

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