Gore’s CurrentTV Is Pissed At Partner Yahoo!

When I initially saw, months ago, that CurrentTV had partnered with Yahoo for video upload and distribution, I was impressed at what I saw as great synergy. However, apparently all is not kosher between the two:

This cryptic notice here on the Current TV portion of the joint site might give some pointers: “We are no longer accepting uploads to the Yahoo! Current Network, but would encourage you to upload your videos to another pod family. If you landed here with the intention of uploading to Yahoo! Current Driver, your piece should find a home in Current Speed. Yahoo! Current Traveler submissions will fit in nicely with Current Travel, and Yahoo! Current Action pods should go to Current Edge .”

That’s pretty strong language. As far as I know the deal is still in place, but sounds like it’s hanging by threads. CNet reported, that CurrentTV spokesman Alex Dolan said, “Current is exploring better opportunities to distribute our content,”.

Wonder if any include Google?

1. Gore, former Veep and CurrentTV head honcho, is an advisor to Google.
2. They just acquired the hottest video site on the net.
3. They just signed deals with many video right’s holders.

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