My Day Modeling Bras

A while back, several years actually, I had the opportunity to model bras at a meeting of bra reps for Medela. I was a member of La Leche League, a nursing mother’s group, and we were selected to ‘assist the bra salesman’ in teaching the correct fit of a bra.

    1. They hooked us, their target market of potentially passionate Medela evangelists, by offering us the chance to help them help other mothers wear the product correctly.

    2. They created in us love for a company that cared enough to spend resources ensuring proper wear of the garment. As well, we appreciated that they reached out to our particular group.

    3. And finally, don’t discount the enjoyment that their mostly-male sales force likely had that day not only viewing a room of half-naked women, but being allowed to handle them all day as they ‘checked for proper fit’. Happy sales man perform well. I’ll bet this day was discussed plenty of times amongst the men. If they did this several times a year, those guys must have loved their jobs!

We walked away with the tangible gift of the bras we modeled, and a real appreciation for a company that cared enough about their customers to make sure their salespeople were serving them well. I can’t think of a better example of customer-focused marketing than this bra modeling day.

Plus, now I can brag that I’ve been an underwear model… 😉

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