Changing Blog Platforms and My Future Projects

Platforms, Podcasts, and Headhunting

I am in the process of changing blog platforms. Some of you know I blog for RSSApplied on a Blogsite.

Hopefully, after Christmas I can take the time to make the switch to a Blogsite and then my own blogs will just be different channels on one site. That’d be sooo much easier. Plus, I really want the visibility in search Blogsites can give me and I appreciate the functionality and stats too.

Do you have any idea how limiting Blogger’s interface is? I mean I get a Title and a post. That’s it! With the other I get Title, Synopsis, Post, Link Properties, Keywords, etc, and I can have multiple link props too. I also am in the middle of not one, but two startups and I need a business platform, not a consumer solution.

Gosh, this was ramble… Sorry. Anyway, look for more info on the podcast startup in the next week or two. The database and site are being tweaked by our partners tonight. Much of my work with it, other than promotion, will be done then. It’s not ‘my baby,’ but is something I am lending some time and effort to. <--ok grammer police, it's my blog and I can end a sentence with a preposition if I want The other startup will be in January and I'll actually be looking for a few bloggers to hire. If anyone out there knows how to write well and takes constructive criticism well too, send me some samples. I’ll pick about 10 or so to start. That won’t begin until January, probably mid-month, but it’ll take me that long to get the interface and clients in place. Oh, and it won’t be any of this $3-5 a post either. I believe in paying people well for work done well and on time.


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  1. For the past month, yes. It’s been nuts here. But, I will return next week.

    I have missed blog-blog, because it’s the only place I can post a pithy comment on a hot topic and never get bored!

    I knew you guys were carrying it, and videogameblog needed the attention more, so since I couldn’t spread much time either place I concentrated on that blog.

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