Another Game of Tag For Me

Now, I got tagged yesterday, but I’m one of those people who can’t turn down a good game of tag, so when Martin tagged me today, I had to share a few more things you wish I weren’t wasting your time telling you (like my bra modeling day).

    1. I can sing pretty well. Not going pro anytime soon, but I won’t make your ears bleed.
    2. I am a certified Pilates instructor. If the gaming vlog ever fails, a workout vlog may be in my future.
    3. I eat a king-size Snicker bar every night, melted in the microwave, before I go to bed.
    4. (a sad one) I miscarried my first child.
    5. I celebrated my ten year wedding anniversary this year by going to play trivia at a wings joint/sports bar with my husband.

Now, I’m tagging some UMPC people so I can learn more about them and a few other people that missed my first round of tags. Mark, Loren, Steve, Benjamin and Dennis.

12 Replies to “Another Game of Tag For Me”

  1. interesting list
    I understand this is your home blog and im pleased because I enjoyed reading your inside mother blog and see you are not doing it anymore
    and I can relate to you about number 4 so did I
    have a happy day Robyn

  2. Robyn has many guilty pleasures, such as corn dog nuggets, hot pockets, Reese’s cups, etc. I won’t tell all your secrets Robyn. 😉 I miss seeing you pig out and stay thin.

  3. I really only do the snickers now. At almost 32 I am actually having to be more careful with what I eat. One or two K-size snickers per day is pushing it…

    Oh the days when I could eat all grease and chocolate as stay thin. LOL

  4. Hi Robyn,
    good to find out more about you, the joys as well as the travails you’ve been through.

    a tip about the snickers bars. if you nuke it in the microwave till it gets all gooey and you throw the mess on a scoop of vanilla, the sugar freezes again and it’s a treat (especially if you pour a gallon of fudge on top…).

    i used to nuke marshmallows till they ballooned till 10 times their original size. you put a big scoop of vanilla on it and it crystallizes the sugar, so you get a ‘crispy’ puffed up treat.

    it kinda ranks up there in the sinful treat index.

    have a great year ahead.

  5. I’m going to try that Andrew. Sounds rich for an everynight snack, but for a special treat it sounds divine! I heart snickers. 😉 Hope 9Rules is treating you well.

  6. Andrew, I have been too lazy to go buy vanilla ice cream LOL I’ll def buy some when I go groc shopping again. My family will appreciate that as well, as our pantry is very bare ha ha.

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