LinkedIN Launches Answers

UPDATE: In less than an hour, I’ve already received my first answer from Scott Allen. Just a short 2 hours later I’ve received two other answers, one from Nick Wilson (Performancing, Threadwatch) that included a private message and Srinivasan Paul Joseph. I closed the question and rated them all ‘good’, but I didn’t like that I had to choose the ‘best’ answer in order to rate them. Also, by rating them I closed the question, which is not really what I meant to do. I rather wanted to see other responses, but there are no do-overs which kinda sucked. But, all in all, I’m happy with my answer. I have 9 more available to me this month.

Kay from LinkedIN posted a message tonight to the LinkedIN Bloggers group I co-moderate tipping us to the latest LinkedIN product.

The most well-known business social networking site has launched their version of an answers-based service to meet the needs of their collaborative membership. The service is basically like Yahoo Answers, but with a credibility factor.

I posted a question earlier tonight.

linkedin answers launches
(feel free to steal the images)

Here’s how it looks when it’s posted from within my login.

linkedin answers launches

It also appears on my public profile.

I can see those questions from my network first, or I can expand to see all questions, neatly categorized by the initial questioner. I can answer them, and my ‘payment’ is that my name may potentially end up on the Top Experts page.

I’m not sure that I actually want my name on the Top Experts page, I get too many generic LinkedIN requests now. However, I suppose as a consultant it wouldn’t hurt for my name to be there in case clients go trolling as well. What are your thoughts on LinkedIN’s latest addition?

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