Blogger Meetup At Steelhead Brewery, Tuesday Jan 30th

Jeremiah Owyang has been kind enough to organize a blogger meetup next week so that I can meet some people face-to-face when I get to San Fran next week. Martin has offered up his car, Jay offered up his spare room (as long as I’m not crazy, he says), and several other people (PR flacks, bloggers, podcasters and videobloggers) have been kind enough to extend an invite to this Southern gal as well.

Please sign up for the event if you can make it. I’d love to meet you all. If you can’t make the event but want to meet up, send me an email and I’ll send you my cell number and the hotel I’m staying at. I’ll be in San Fran the 28th through the 31st.

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  1. Hey Robyn,

    I read Jeremiah’s email to the Social Media Collective about the blogger meetup, followed a link about your blog and learned that you live in VA. I actually live in Faber. It would be nice to connect. Feel free to drop me a line todd at boldmouth dot com when you have a moment. I blog over at

    All the best,

    Todd Tweedy

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