Live Blogged The Arbitrage Session

Yesterday I live blogged the Super Affiliate Panel. Today I’m live blogging the 3:30pm Session, The Confluence of Search and Affiliate Marketing – Kristopher B. Jones, President and CEO, Pepperjam

Specific case studies and examples of working strategically with PPC affiliates and SEM Firms to cover more real estate and capture more market share through search-engines.

Jones says there is considerable money to be made outside of the traditional 3 affiliate networks
-Specifically look at Azoogle, Digital River, ClickBank, Linkconnector, ShareASale, XY7, etc.

Keyword tools:
Traditional: Yahoo Suggestion Tool, Google Suggestion Tool
Non-Typical: Rapid Keyword (highly recommended), Keyword Discovery, KeyCompete (most recommended

Stay away from direct linking to keep out of trouble with Google and to make sure your ad shows.

Made-For-Adsense Search Arbitrage=Garbitrage
Don’t waste your time or money

“Sophisticated Affiliate Marketing Search Arbitragers provide significant value to search users and merchants.”

Strategies for Success

– Approach the merchant with a strategy. Build your case. Make your case stronger (ask them to share their internal research data). Convince the merchant of your expertise.

– Develop an Aff Mktg strategy that works. Replicate it. Scale it. Ex. $50 per merchant per month. On CJ alone (2K+ merchants) you can generate $100,000 per month

Arbitrage Resources:
Webmaster Radio

Best tip of the day:

How to get around Yahoo’s (and MSN’s) rejected keywords issue.
Because no real human will look at your list, go into it knowing that roughly 30% of your keywords will be rejected. Reupload your rejected list of keywords, and 30% of those will be rejected. Keep going until you are satisfied.

Another good tip:

Your landing page’s quality score can be very important, in determining your cost. Make sure it is valuable to the user. Seems like a common sense suggestion, but I know some people seem to not get this.

Increasing click-through in ads:

Obvious: Use keyword in the headline and in the body of the ad
Multiple ads: Don’t forget to use a combination of ads for your keywords. Don’t put all your hopes in one or two ads.

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