BarcampUSA Tickets On Sale Today

This morning, Feb 1, Barcamp USA tix went on sale. Here’s the deets:

Early registration special if you register before May 1

$20 for 1 day pass

$10 for each additional day

Total cost is $50 for all 4 days

There will be an option to sleep inside some of the session tents at no cost. These tents will generally be 30 x 30 feet and have room for two or three dozen people each. (you will not be able to leave any personal items in the tents during the day)

Private tent camping fee is $15 per night with up to 8 people per tent.

(significant advantages to registering early)

This BarCamp is going to be different that the others we’ve seen. Most Barcamps run 200-500 people. This one will be 3K-5K strong, and is being touted as ‘the woodstock of our generation’. I can’t wait. I might even consider camping out on the grounds, though that is SO unlike me.

We’re organizing a killer videoblogging track, so if you want to add a session, jump in and do so. There should be a great deal of elementary level sessions, as so many people just want to get started. However, please jump in with some intermediate and advanced sessions as well. Remember, it’s an un-conference. At Barcamp you don’t have to be an expert, you just need to be passionate. Chances are there will be plenty of people who will jump in and lend you a hand. Let me know via email or the comments if you want to get more involved. As well, sponsorships are available, and the videoblogging track doesn’t yet have a track sponsor.

Hope to see you there! (cross posted to

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