Digg’s Decision Isn’t News

I swear it seems that Kevin Rose could post about emptying his trash and Digg would get coverage. I have absolutely nothing against Digg, I’m a user myself, but I am blown away by the amount of press just removing the Top Diggers list has gotten. Here’s a Techmeme screenshot of last night’s post.

Digg on  Techmeme

I knew when I saw it mentioned last night, it would gain alot of traffic, but how is this news? I think knee-jerk blog posts, simply to regurgitate news so that you can get on an aggregator or to rank well for the subject in Google is annoying. Just tip us to it, via del.icio.us or your shared Google Reader. Spare me the repeats…

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  1. Thank you for speaking out about the insane amount of coverage that digg gets. What bugs me is when you take two steps back and look at the service and ignore the hype, it isn’t actually that good!

  2. Digg has some value in that it’s highly entertaining and I do get some scoops there, but for bringing traffic, it’s ineffective in that the traffic is really useless. I also have to point out that it’s dumb to call the Digg blog a blog if there is no comment/trackback feature. How is it a convo if only one side is talking? (pet peeve of mine)

    As far as SEO and mktg goes, some people have success in gaming the system, but it rarely works. Diggbait drives me mad though, so I am sick of hearing everyone spout about it. On valleywag the other day they actually posted a pic of Kevin Rose’s desk and labeled all the junk on it. Is there nothing in this world more newsworthy?

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