Why Do I Blog?

I got tagged by Char, a good friend and fellow Virginian, and I have to explain why I blog. This should be eye-opening for me.

1. For a release
When I work with clients or when I am cooking dinner, all these great ideas and commentary on advertising campaigns run through my head. I used to bore my poor family with them, but now I can actually share them with people who are interested in the subject.

2. For community
I probably get more out of the networking and friendships I have made as a blogger, than anything else I get from blogging. I didn’t blog *for* community in the beginning, but the community is now my #1 concern when I blog.

3. For help
I’ve, on numerous occassions, received direct help on my blogs. I have had CSS help, widget help, marketing help and just general mental help (grin) from some great people who read my blogs.

4. For fun
Some of the aspects of the blogosphere are pure fun. Watching your numbers rise, getting a big head when you’re mentioned on a big blog, being asked for advice, etc. When you are the kind of person who is constantly down on yourself, these little ego boosts are a perfect way to get through a rough day.

5. For money
I’d be lying if I didn’t mention this. While the collaboration and fun is a large part of why I am blogging, and is certainly why I started blogging in late 2004, the money is what keeps me involved. Between a decent affiliate advertising income and a good consulting business on the side, blogging (and the collaborative web in general) is responsible for my income, so I am not likely to stop in the forseeable future.

So, there you go. I’m blogging for my own benefit mostly, but I’m enjoying the collaboration as well. Thanks Char for tagging me!

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