MyBlogLog CoAuthor Spam

UPDATE: This is fixed.

My husband, the pastor mind you, let me know that he was added as a coauthor of a community at MyBlogLog for a Porn site. After the initial chuckle, I began looking around to see what was going on and sure enough this seems to be a bonafide issue that just started ramping up this weekend.

My first notice was Saturday’s message from the hubby, but by Sunday the videoblogging list was talking about it and today it’s hit Techmeme.

Checking my email, I found not one but two different requests to be an coauthor at MyBlogLog. It’s making me guess that this is simply a new way people are trying to draw attention to their own sites, related to the MyBlogLog visit spamming reported by SoloSEO last month. (via Danny Sullivan)

It appears that spammers are always one step ahead of companies, but I’m sure MBL will figure this one out. Anyone else get this?

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