Another Blog Evangelist Hire

I’m thrilled to report that my old friend, Martin McKeay, has been hired as the Product Evangelist for StillSecure. Now, if security isn’t something that you normally follow, I’ll enlighten you to what Martin has been doing for the last few years.

He’s an accomplished blogger with an enormous reach, but more than that, his podcast, based on security of course, is overwhelmingly popular with security geeks. This podcast captures the ears of the people who make the IT decisions in companies. (read: those fellows who turn the ear of the people who buy millions of dollars of servers, rack systems, blah, blah a year)

That’s valuable, and StillSecure was super-smart to take that into account. Sure, Martin could go anywhere and be a dynamite IT Security guy, but to hire him specifically for the role of Product Evangelist is using him where he’ll be of tremendous value to a company. Very smart…

And, as Jeremiah said, at events he knows how to work a room. Congratulations StillSecure, for snatching-up a dynamo!

smiley Disclosure: And, I’m not just saying that because Martin just gave me a Nokia 770 (for free). I’d sing his praises for free any day!

3 Replies to “Another Blog Evangelist Hire”

  1. First of all: I’m not old!

    Second: thanks for the ego boost, Robyn. I haven’t even started the job yet and I know it’s going to be a ton of fun. Hard work, but still a lot of fun.

    Third: I didn’t have the time to use the Nokia 770 and I hope you do. I left a couple security tools on it for you to play with, like Kismet. Figuring out how to use them is going to be on you, however. And it’s officially classified as a birthday present, not a bribe.


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