ReviewMe Misrepresenting?

I was shocked (and a little saddened) to read the Consumerist post detailing their apparent misrepresentation of blog partners. Looks like someone at ReviewMe has been adding sites to their listings that haven’t actually signed up for the service.

It seems, though, that the good ship Lifehacker might not be the only blog ReviewMe is “representing”…

As of this posting, reviews on BoingBoing and Makezine are both listed as being available for purchase.

I have done one ReviewMe post (of the ReviewMe service, actually) and because it was a part of TLA I initially assumed it would meet the same standards as that advertising company. I hope this is a misunderstanding, but I’m failing to see how that could be. If anyone from ReviewMe has commented on this, please bring it to my attention.

If this is what it looks like, this can only be bad for the oft maligned service. Yikes…

4 Replies to “ReviewMe Misrepresenting?”

  1. Hey Robyn, Wow that is not a good sign. I’ve recently been getting a surge of ReviewMe requests, some for stuff that I just wouldn’t want to review. I guess that’s what “Decline” is for, eh?

    Nice to see you on Twitter!

  2. It wasn’t that reviewme were misrepresenting, it was that they never validated that you in fact did own that blog — so anyone could sign up for any blog (and did).

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