Elite Retreat Winner

Just saw that Wendy from eMoms has won the Elite Retreat contest.

Do you have any idea how cool this conference is? I have had my heart set on going ever since they announced it. There will only be 30 participants in the room. And we will be getting one on one consulting from the following amazing people:

Guy Kawasaki
Lee Dodd
Jeremy Shoemaker
Darren Rowse
Kris Jones
Neil Patel
Aaron Wall

You better take good notes because we’re all super-jealous that you get to go!

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  1. Robyn,

    Your blog looks fantastic. I’ve got a long way to go. I was wondering if you could contact me. I’m trying to find info about the Intel University program. Just wondering if you know anything about it.

    Contact me via my blog or cory_huff at yahoo

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