Big Advertising News From Google and Yahoo

Google is brokering a deal with DirecTV for broadcast ads. (Techmeme)

Even while they work out the details of this one, it’s clear that Google has decided that advertising for the entire world is their goal. They’ve now got search, contextual, email (gmail), print, radio, cable and now satellite advertising working for them.

Future of AdvertisingI suppose at some point, we’ll all be wearing those futuristic v-neck jumpsuits, like everyone in the future seems to be wearing, and undoubtably they’ll be Googlesuits with embedded imaging on the torso running some sort of a ‘google wear’ property. Of course if this does happen I’ll expect my idea money in the form of a Google check (sans advertising please).

Yahoo Inks Deal With Viacom (Techmeme).

Danny Sullivan seems to think this one is just another deal that Yahoo had in the works that really has nothing to do with a Panama feather-in-the-cap, but the Yahoo! press release does mention Panama.

The only reason to mention Panama, frankly, feels like a means of giving investors some spin that Panama is making this possible. It’s not — as said, Yahoo’s had deals like this before pre-Panama.

Either way, good news for both companies. Kudos to the teams in charge…

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