As a mother of 3 girls, I’m a expert on Barbie. While she’s probably not my favorite fashion icon (hoochie), she’s certainly the most popular model/actress living in our house. So, when I got an email to check out (beta) last month, I introduced my oldest two girls to a virtual world that made their head spin. (press release) - Virtual World For Tweens

BarbieGirl MP3 PlayerThe site is designed for Barbie’s target market, 6-12 year olds, so the different features are not ‘SecondLife-cool’ but for this age group it’s a sweet site. Both my 6 year old and my 9 year old set up accounts and spent more than an hour each, designing their looks and their homes. Their next step was to try to buy an animal, but that is only possible with the soon-to-be-released BarbieGirl MP3 player (June 07′) plugged into the computer (picture credit).

They soon found they could ‘friend’ each other and visit each other in their own apartments. Then, they spent time watching Barbie movie trailers and earning 20 Barbie dollars for their trouble.

All-in-all, their time spent on was a hit, and they’ve since asked to go on and chat and play the games almost daily. I’m sure the fun will wear off at some point, but since they’ve both already asked for the MP3 player, we’ll likely end up buying the players when they come out.

Now, on to the grown-up stuff… Is this is a smart strategy for Mattel? Sure today’s girls are more tech-friendly than in the past, but is there a mainstream need for a 512 mg Barbie-shaped player? Are the girls going to have to buy the music from Mattel or is this a player that can be used with Yahoo Music, Napster, iTunes, etc?

I don’t know, but I suppose the $60 price tag is at least affordable, and here it’s coming out just in time to create buzz in time for Christmas… 😉

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  1. Funny you should review this! I was just on the site with my daughter yesterday and we were checking it all out. Barbie is pretty popular in our house too.

  2. I’ll let you know if we get the players or not. My kids are on this site alot, so it’s a probability (though I chafe at the thought that this could be more proprietary than iTunes LOL).

  3. Oh, boy. I came here to cut/paste a comment I left you regarding the comment you left me on my blog lol. Yeah, and I’m supposed to be a writer. Anyway, then I see this post about Barbie. I am an ex-Barbie addict. I have closets full of dolls that will never be removed from their boxes, and I’m scared to death about deciding which of my two girls will get which ones. With a soon-to-be 7-year-old (next week), I’m excited to hear about this site. My daughter will go crazy when I show her this. I think I could fill a trunk with all the Barbie’s she has, though that’s mostly my fault – she inherited all my childhood dolls, plus I buy her some every birthday, Christmas, etc.

    BTW Robyn, I’m glad you left a link to your site. I am not trying to make money off my blogging, but I know several people who would be very interested in visiting here. One of my closest friends is the new Guide to Weblogs, so maybe she can make a mention of ya.

    Thanks again. 🙂 Crazy Mom

  4. Oh, about your questions. I would buy this for my daughter if I could download Napster tunes. We already have the “to go” subscription, but not sure if something like this would be compatible.

  5. This sounds like a terrific idea. I am concerned, too, about the possibility of the player being proprietary.

    I would have loved to be in on the Mattel product development meetings when the “proprietary/industry standard” issue was discussed. I already gave up the old iTunes because of that and would never have agreed with buying my daughter a proprietary system (she’s a college student now but we still have tons of Barbie stuff).

  6. I was at their launch event last week. The new Barbie MP3 player works with any non-DRM MP3 or WMA music files… no propriety music downloads required. Pretty darn cute in real life too, and the sound quality is surprisingly good.

  7. This is gonna be fun. i admmire doing the activities on the site along with my daughter.
    Barbie MP3 player.sounds great:)

  8. CrazyMom, I have a music subscription too. I’ll never go back to ala carte music via iTunes. This is just too easy (feels like the early days of Napster, with no shame).

    Colleen, I’m so jealous! I would have loved to have gone to this launch party.

    Zola and Char, I agree. I had an absolute blast playing this with my kids 🙂

  9. Yes it is a great website but how do you get on again? I sighned up one day and played probably abpout 15min. then went to bed next day i wanted to go on it said the site was full and ever since then I can’t get back on even though I’m a member.How do you get back on or what time should I get on? Any advice please tell me thank you!

  10. Oh, yeah heres some advice on going on
    if its full try again and again if it doesnt work, then play some games on if it doesnt work, then go on at night cause thats when not much people are online and it works I have done it a thousand times seriously!!!!

  11. eh i went on barbie last month in fact for the whole yeer andd i found corbin blue on it but i tried to go on it now but it keeps on saying that they are improving the website so i can’t go on it no more i need help.

  12. hey everyone hoe are you lot doing i missed you lot i haven’t been on for ages man. so what have you been up to then i am going to school in aminute so i am having alot of fun what about you? (reply).

  13. Hi everybody! I am from Romania, i have a daughter and she likes this mp3 player so much, but i can`t buy online. Please, tell me if you know how i can buy it.

  14. Desde que soube esse site resolvi me cadastrar tambem.Gosataria de saber o preço da boneca que instala no computador e vi que nas lojas de Minas Gerais e gostaria de comprar uma barbiegirls.


    Um grande abraço

    Thais Lopes Gomes

  15. I like so much BarbieGirls VIP! I am a Vip. i have 24 vip accounts. ::edited to remove email address for user’s safety::

  16. this is in ’09 so its newer than what your talking about i was on barbie girls just yesterday and my daughter wondered what kinds of ways could get her the most votes for LFG ( Latest Fave’ Girl) any ideas?

  17. Georgina i luv VIP so much too! wats ur # 1 account (the one u play on the most) we should defiantly play together. any body else with an account on BG plz tell me so we cn friend each other! l8r!

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