Google’s Advertising Faux Pas

While car enthusiasts and automobile sites may be happy to display a highly-relevant ad featuring the Ford Explorer, many online sites not directly publishing auto-related content are up-in-arms that Ford was allowed to purchase a large chunk of advertising on blogs this week.

The main problem publishers complained about was the fact that the auto-giant’s ads were clearly not related to their site’s content, which seems to go against the normal Google Adsense targeting rules.

Ford’s advertising has not made them many online friends this week. But, it will all be over in a few weeks and Ford will see no ill effect. Google, on the other hand, really did not need this distraction right now, so soon after the AOL deal. They’ve been claiming that nothing would change their ‘do no evil’ mantra and that getting in bed with the devil (sorry AOL) would have no effect on their clean search engine.

This can’t be good for Google. I’m sure they’re hoping we’ll all forget it ASAP and if they fix it just that fast, we will. We’ll see…

Update: Google Responds It’s site-targeting, silly…

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