Seth Godin – Secrets of Every Service Business

The two obvious secrets of every service business
from Seth Godin (excerpt)

1. Take responsibility
2. Pay attention to detail

You’d be stunned to see a hotel clerk stealing money from the till or a bartender smashing bottles or a management consultant drawing on the client’s wall with a magic marker. But every single day, I encounter “that’s not my job” or “our internet service is outsourced, it’s their fault.” More subtle but more important are all the little details left untended.

All the magazine ads in the world can’t undo one lousy desk clerk.

If you’re not subscribed to this feed you’re missing out. Seth Godin’s a marketing genius, in that he tells you just how to give the customer exactly what he wants.

I tell clients to just put themselves in the customer’s shoes and imagine what the customer might want. Empathy is a powerful tool in marketing.

Of course, if you’re not making your product to solve a need, that’s just silly. Don’t waste your time…


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