Just Finished 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

Timothy Ferriss, serial entrepreneur and master of many things, from Brazilian Jujitsu to 12 languages (at 30 years old) has written a book that has really challenged my perceived notions of how life should be lived.

For instance, here are a few questions I’ve had to ask myself in the past 4 days in which it took me to read the book.

Sure, we all want to be rich, but do we want money for money’s sake or for what it will bring us (mobility, peace of mind, some material things, power, etc.)?

Am I paying attention to what matters or to what pays?

There are many more, but those two have been keeping me up at night. As well, I’m spending time outlining my dreams, not necessarily my goals, and that’s fun and not boring as crap.

Because of the paradigm shift I’m experiencing, I can’t recommend the book highly enough. However, I know most of you, like me, won’t buy the book for those reasons alone. I mean, who really wants to examine their life that closely, to be honest?

However, if you aren’t sold by the many others who are singing the praises of this book, do it for the practical answers on how you too can go from $40k per year to $40k per month. Remember when you used to think $10k a month was a huge amount of money? Well, while $10k per month is no longer something that impresses me, $40k per month still makes my head spin a bit!

I won’t spoil the author’s profit by telling you the web addresses (dozens upon dozens) that will rock your world that are listed in this book, shoot the case studies of internet sales made me sit up and take notes. But I will tell you that if you buy this book only for access to the tools (members only area) of his site, the measly $10 or so the book costs will be well worth it. In addition, if you take a look at the org chart for his company, I guarantee you will end up with a new mindset on what it takes to run a successful company.

This book can take you from the sidelines of watching others make money, to being one of the people rolling in the dough yourself. I know it’s blown me away.

There, that’s my ‘ditto’ with the rest of the readers. This book will make you sit up and think, and then give you the real, solid tools to make your financial dreams come true. I promise you that if you don’t like this book, I’ll buy it from you. I stand behind it that much. Now, I’m tired of begging you, get up and go buy the book!

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  1. OK, you won me over. I’m going to get that book. Been thinking about doing things different as of late. Many interesting ideas that have real teeth. Thanks. Nice site by the way. I’ll be back.

  2. I purchased and read this book about a month ago, and already have a few “muses” (projects) started. I’ve also outsourced most of the labor in their set-up, so I’m able to focus on the business creation aspects.

    I have more free time than I’ve ever had before, and my income is increasing.

  3. Interesting review! Well, I too finished this book and found it inspiring enough to want to change my life to manage my time better and become a PARALLEL entrepreneur (who needs Serial?).

    As such, I’m documenting and journaling my journey from 40 hour a weeker to 4 hour a weeker on my blog at http://www.fourhourworkweekdiary.com. I’d love to get your feedback, encouragement, or discouragement as I attempt to radically change the way I spend my time.

  4. Great review! I have many of the same feelings on this book.

    After I read it I tested 2 different muses, but neither of them were viable. But I was persistent and finally found one that I took off with, and its already more than paying for my travels. I owe Timothy Ferris a ton.

  5. Hi,

    I agree, the book has been awesome and changed many of my thoughts on how to go about creating and living a lifestyle rather than just living without thinking about a greater plan that includes everything you want – like time to relax, family time, work time, hobby time etc.

    I also recently found an unofficial 4HWW companion which I’m about to buy, I’ll let you know how it goes.



  6. I am a bit behind the times, and a bit slow. I too bought the book, and have spent 4 hours a week reading it, yes I am slow. But it did inspire me to set up my own site and I still reread the book for inspiration, along with some books from another guy called Samuel Blankson, who I feel is talking directly to me.


  7. The best part of the book is the hiring virtual assistants one. I had many people read that book and come to me. It works for everyone.

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