SEOmoz Summarizes Content Building To A Tee

The content we put out isn’t just designed for a link – it’s really designed to make our readers into raving fans. Every blog entry I write, each tool we design and every article that’s authored has both a value proposition – primarily that it will make you a better marketer – and an emotional appeal – hopefully, you’ll get a sense of the personality, voice and style behind the words and grow to enjoy the rapport.

If you ask any blogger how they built their audience, it wasn’t by spamming people in blog comments; not by joining and then spamming every social network everywhere (note the tips for social networking in the post); and certainly not by pulling other people’s content. Take a look at the success that SEOmoz has seen from using this strategy.

* Web 2.0 Awards – 72K + 30K = 100K+ links
* Beginner’s Guide to SEO – 6.5K + 5.6K = 12K+ links
* Page Strength – 4K + 3.5K = 7.5K+ links
* Search Ranking Factors – 14K + 9K = 23K+ links
* SEO Blog – 19K + 34K = 53K+ links

Take a look at a winning blog strategy (with proof) at (One Million Links In 33 Months).


Evolution is a part of every process, we see it in all walks of life, technology for instance, it has moved on from dial up to dsl to wireless network connections. The online world has seen the likes of cheap hosting with more quality features. The business world has been acquainted with the internet and elegant business templates. The malicious online hackers have met their match over the years with the new versions of spyware software. Just like that, no matter how much SEO has evolved; there are bigger things to come.

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