Yahoo Decreases Headline Sizes For YPN Ads

I’ve continually bemoaned the YPN click-rate, which led me to remove them from my site. Of course, the reason no one clicked the ads was because you couldn’t read the headlines. Duh… 

So, finally, Yahoo is making their headlines shorter:

Yahoo! framed the move as an attempt to make ads easier for users to read, but some search marketers say the decision also seems designed to court advertisers. Josh Stylman, a managing partner at Reprise Media, said it’s likely that Yahoo! believes it will be easier for advertisers to run campaigns on both Yahoo! and Google if they can use the same creative text. “It’s interesting that Yahoo! is moving in line with Google. It would obviously make it easier for Google clients to test Yahoo!,” Stylman said. — MediaPost

Look for YPN ads to return on the Sleepy Blogger 🙂

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