Videoblogging Session at Blogher

Update: Cheryl posted the pdf today so I’m linking to it below.

Today I was one of the three presenters at a session at BlogHer on Videoblogging. Gena Hasket presented the storyboard part, Cheryl Colan presented a lighting on the cheap segment and I did the hands-on editing portion.

Since BlogHer members seemed to want an advanced session, that’s what we prepared, but oddly enough, the session was much more heavily attended by people with no editing experience. However, it turned out great because teaching editing to people who have not ever played with video is very rewarding. It’s like watching a kid get a new bike. The world is your oyster and all that…

Next year I’d love to see an advanced session and a beginner session. I wish there had been something out there when I started that could have walked me through the confusing settings that plague most of the professional video editing software. Of course, now there’s freevlog but that didn’t exist when I started in 2005.

Anyway, a long post just to point you to my videoblogging editing tips and Gena and Cheryl’s editing tips will be posted later today so I’ll update this post with their link then. As always, if you ever need a hand email me robyn at

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