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I spoke at the Inman conference yesterday, and though I have a limited real estate background (have blogged for some real estate agents and have set up blogs for them, but have never actually sold real estate), my main question is, “Are any agents taking advantage of YouTube”. Some of you may be able to answer that one for me, but I know I’ve not seen any home walkthroughs on YouTube myself.

Is anyone leveraging YouTube to sell homes?

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  1. I hope that they are taking advantage of the free bandwidth/storage, but I would bet they are not. That’s something I would do if I wanted to sell a home and promote it online. In the several hundred blog posts on real estate that I’ve written for clients, I’ve never been asked to do this. Would be a fantastic idea though 🙂

  2. I am a real estate blogger in Roanoke, VA and although I consider myself prolific blogger on real estate issues and news in the Roanoke Valley I’m not really interested in doing home tours on YouTube.

    Primarily the reason is the demographics of individuals who use YouTube regularly aren’t yet out there buying homes enough for me to focus on that media. Additionally, I want my virtual tours (which I do use) to be much more professional looking than YouTube’s quality can offer.

    Just my 2 cents on the issue…

  3. Marty, nice to meet you. Since I just moved here to the Bay Area, from Roanoke, I feel like I know you already 🙂

    I can see why you would be hesitant to look at YouTube and I can certainly see why you’d want better quality, but I know that for the large majority of the videos I do, I also upload to YT just for the promotion and because I like being there if people stumble upon them. Plus, it’s just one more way I might rank well in Google for my terms.

    I mean, sure I’d rather have my blog rank #1 for Roanoke Real Estate, but if one of my walkthroughs on YouTube rank #1 instead, at least it’s another way I can own that term. As long as I place my url there in my description, then I’m still getting quality search traffic to my site, even if they have to take a hop and a skip through YouTube to get there. 🙂

  4. You might check out, which is similar to YouTube, but specifically for real estate. The quality is far better, and the audience is more targeted. YouTube is great for getting listings to appear in Google, but other than that, it’s pretty worthless and worse than horrible quality – NOT something you want to see to present a $500K++ home for sale…

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