Is Vista Yet Ready?

I finally took Vista off of my laptop last week. While my main computer is a Mac, I’d been attempting to use Vista since February on my secondary laptop to no avail. After several months of heartache, I still had no sound. And, I know I’m not the only one as my post on Vista sound (back when I was beta-testing it in October) still gets hundreds of hits via Google per day. …maybe I should monetize that post. 😉

Anyway, I was wondering, is there anyone out there who is using Vista with satisfactory results? I know that EVERYONE I talk to who has used Vista on their own machines tells me that it performs like a Beta software. I know that there were no changes, that I noticed, from the beta test to the finished product.

What does this mean? Well, for one, I can’t imagine that Microsoft actually RELEASED a piece of software to compete with XP and OS X, that just does not work. It seems to be a case of shooting themselves in the foot. I should state for the record that I am a big MS fanboi, with 3 XBoxes, 2 Xbox 360s and a Zune (yes, a Zune). I have no beef with most other stuff that MS has done, and have no grudge against them. Shoot, we even own Microsoft stock!

I just can’t believe that they actually released this software. I’ve never been one to call for someone’s job (note all my previous posts are really, really nice), but were I in management, anyone with even ‘manager’ in their name on that team would be gone now. I just can’t fathom the strategy here… Why are they not even trying to get more updates or fixes out there?

Anyone with a clue, please clue me in.

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  1. “Anyway, I was wondering, is there anyone out dddusing Vista with satisfactory results?”

    I’m loving Vista so far. I’m not a tech person so I don’t know if there are any more problems then any other time a new OS comes out and nowadays there are just more blogs, publications and maybe it just gets amplified a little more.

    I’ve been using it for about a month now and I did run into one problem with transferring stuff over from some CD’s I burned from my old computer running XP, mostly large CD’s of music/MP3s/videos. Some of the smaller ones went over and 1 big one went over fine. And I’ve read some other people having issues with transferring stuff over. And I believe some people got a fix or we’re supposed to get it automatically thru Windows Updates? So will try it again soon.

    But besides that, like I said I’m loving Vista, prefer it over XP.

  2. Hi Robyn 🙂
    I’m using Vista for more than a month now 🙂 no problems so far. i have got my sounds my video all running smoothly.
    Vista doesn’t likes old hardware so my desktop set up are all new hardware :P. i didn’t use my creative Audigy 2 card. Since my motherboard came with optical out i use my creative decoder DDTS-100 and updated their driver frequently.
    I think most people would having the same problems like yourself. In my opinion MS has no choice to push Vista out so soon due to pressure 😛 Vista was in the making for far too long… they invested to much and they need to make money to recover the loses… hack, consumer pay the price


  3. It was crazy, because I bought the laptop in January, and it had the tag, “Vista ready” but it was so NOT Vista ready. LOL By the way, I am using a Toshiba Satellite, if that makes any difference.

    I couldn’t have purchased newer hardware, so that wasn’t my problem, but I agree that anything that isn’t brand-spanking new isn’t going to run Vista without some hacking skills. Thanks for the comment though! 🙂

  4. I’ve had Vista for six months now and so far, so good. It’s a pain to re-learn my way around Word, but I’m liking the easier way it scans my documents compared to XP.

  5. Ah, you’re scaring me, Robyn!! I’m getting a new Dell laptop on Friday – with Vista. It’s a gift from my father – and I certainly didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. But had I been a part of the shopping process, yes, I would’ve requested XP. I hope it goes well… *fingers crossed*

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