Hilarious Customer Service At BidPay Auctions

Apparently BidPay has banned my account, and a few friends, because our primary bank is at NetBank. They told us that we should ‘bank with a legitimate bank’ LOL

Not that I care, because I don’t think I’ve ever used my BidPay account, but I thought it was so funny that they think our bank is bogus. We’ve used them exclusively, other than our brokerage accounts, since 1998. They are based in Alpharetta, GA, and they have excellent (almost hyperactively inane) security and the only real-time money transfers I have ever seen. I’ve made a balance transfer in the drive through window at McDonalds before and had the money available by the time I made it to the window. They are awesome, and they have 24 hour, 365 customer support via phone. Every company, employer or client, I’ve ever worked with have had no problem with using them for direct deposit or wire transfers, including b5, Yahoo!, Intel and Google (adsense). Apparently BidPay is more concerned about security than those corporations? LOL

As well, the BidPay guy was pretty rude, so it’s not like I’m upset that we can’t use the account, but it’s just ridiculous! I guess I know who won’t be giving eBay a run for their money. Morons…

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  1. we used to run a website and had more than one bad experience with netbank. maybe it was our merchant account but we lost both disputes against netbank fraudulent orders. in other words, we don’t trust netbank – from a merchant view they post problems.

  2. I suppose all banks/payment processors have their bad times. I have a long-standing feud with Paypal myself. They are evil and I wish them nothing but badwill.

    They still have my money but since they are only a ‘payment processor’ and not a bank, I had no recourse besides filing complaints with the BBB, which I did. Cheers and thanks for the comment.

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