Images Increase Email Readership – Does the same hold true for RSS ads?

From MarketingSherpa


You’d think that textual emails would win the number-of-words-read sweepstakes, if only because there are no distractions from the text. MarketingSherpa’s new eyetracking laboratory tests proved the reverse is true. 


The presence of an image — even a fairly dull one such as the clip art we used for our test — can have a huge impact in how much time people’s eyes spend reading the copy of an ad. What’s interesting is most people looking at this email didn’t actually spend a lot of that time on the picture itself. The picture was such a frequently-seen image they could register it in almost peripheral attention mode. However, its presence raised their engagement level with the email, and willingness to read much more of the copy. 


My first thought was that this could potentially be applied to RSS ads.  Would it increase your reader’s engagement to add some sort of distraction to break up your copy?  I have no clue, I’m just raising the question. 

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  1. The principal is the same: you have a message and you can convey that either with words, an image or both. The trick is to have images that are relevant and add value, rather than a simple distraction.

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