Plenty are fed up with Google

Since I cleaned up my RSS feeds a few weeks ago, ie I deleted every last one of them, I had to go back and add my friends this week. Two are very upset with Google, although Liz seems a bit melancholy about the whole thing and Wendy sounds more on the ‘pissed off’ side of things.

My page rank didn’t change so I can’t muster up a real emotion except that it seemed to me that many people I trust are paying a penalty, which really doesn’t make sense. In addition, Wendy found that many sites that are doing exactly what they shouldn’t be doing are rolling in the SEO juice:

So, what gives? Are we supposed to write for people, or is that just for those of us who don’t care where we rank?

From Wendy:

Do a search for a competitive term, and look at the page rank of the first result, for example: Paid Survey – PR3,
Home Business – PR5,
Mortgage – PR5,
Jewelry – PR4,
Halloween – PR5,

As I said before, I’m not sure what to feel, but it definitely has me wondering.

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  1. Honest, I tried writing the post in a nicer way. I spent almost 7 hours on the @#$% thing – and where it started is so vastly different than where it ended…

    … and now I’m all grumpy from writing it. I need to grab a glass of wine with you and hang out. Good thing we’re doing that next week! 😀

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